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Release History

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release 0.7.0

released on November, 26th 2003

  • Drag and drop between almost everything. Unfortunately, the drop to another program under win32 doesn't work at present time, as it is not yet implemented in the win32 port of GTK+.
  • Theme and font management (skins).
  • Advanced log management: much more events are commented and a log file is written.
  • compiles more easily with MinGW
  • added some icons, fixed some sizing
  • added shadow to some icons
  • user GUID displayed in preferences window
  • fixed selection on MyFiles::Bookmarks
  • fixed UTF8 problem in directory selection's entries
  • fixed uninstall icon under win32
  • fixed main window maximized state at launch time

release 0.6.2

released on August, 28th 2003

New Features:
  • new "always use this user" option in the Login frame
  • menus: icons in window menu + icon for "suggest" menu entry + added user menu entries in Explorer frame + no image when no element selected
  • images of mole heads, colored fires, connection speed & transfer have been redrawn
  • added UninstallDisplayIcon and AllowNoIcon option in win32 installer
Bug fixes & improvements:
  • stronger utf8 conversion
  • Explorer & MyFiles: no right menu entries for ".." row
  • fixed random colors choice when new user created
  • fixed right-click in Transfer frame when there are no transfer
  • fixed filter label update when no more answers
  • fixed invalid UTF8 string in Explorer & MyFiles text entry
  • fixed scrollbars in DirSelectionDialog and StatusText
  • fixed position of user list panel in ChatFrame
  • fixed connection speed types and images
  • added scrollbar to directories entry in Preferences + fixed shadow in CreateRoomWindow, ConnectRoomWindow
  • "confirm deletion" dialog in MyFilesFrame: updated message & doesn't appear if no file selected
  • fixed selection disappearing with popups
  • fixed bug in Handle when counter null
  • fixed bug when restarting downloads at application start
  • fixed some messages

release 0.6.1

released on August, 6th 2003

  • greatly optimized the Handle base class
  • huge optimization of answers management:
    • filtering of answers are no more in the GUI thread
    • answers are added at a speed adapted to the CPU load
    • one event is generated for a list of answers instead of one event per answer
    • check if a filter is new before applying it
  • removed unnecessary lock in win32 threads
  • removed unnecessary Widget association in LookManager
New Features:
  • compilation tested under FreeBSD 5.1
  • tips with details on query inside the search notebook
  • right-click menu in the MyFiles frame
  • images in right-click menus
Bug fixes:
  • bug in == operator of CounterHandle
  • fixed socket closing under win32
  • fixed gettimeofday under win32
  • fixed the label of the chat notebook
  • fixed the help dialog in the search panel
  • the "copy files" operation does no more update the GUI from another thread
  • fixed the offline documentation location
  • HMFTPNode didn't delete HMFTServers
  • bug in CloseThread: forgot to delete querymanager if USE_EXPLORER set
  • fixed the missing libsigc-1.2-5.dll in win32 libraries package

release 0.6.0

released on July, 28th 2003

New Features:
  • should work on all BSD architecture
  • time and date of chat messages can be displayed
  • switch to the corresponding frame when a chat / explore / transfer action is made
  • beginning of sharing of data between MS DOS and UNIX
  • server can be installed in a BSD or System V style, and in a custom directory
  • functions in Makefiles to control new releases
Bug fixes:
  • servers should not corrupt its data once its IP has been changed
  • fixed clients loosing server data once its IP has been changed
  • more portable implementation of read data on network interfaces
  • status text in main window do not wrap
  • invalid UTF8 string passed to pango_layout_set_text() in HMMenu, DirSelectionDialog
  • fixed bug in UDPNode making chat messages received more than one time
  • fixed chat room scroll position not updated
  • refresh room list if window already present
  • fixed IPTracker::Join and wait time
  • fixed Join in ThreadTest
  • win32: fixed INSTALL, README,... format & doc images
  • the server is no more in the binary release

release 0.5.1

released on June, 27th 2003

This release features mainly bug fixes:
  • status text in main window resizes correctly and is not editable
  • private chat & manager: fixed update of own user
  • private chat: fixed user menu that doesn't appear under GNU/Linux
  • help menu has an entry for web site
  • fixed documentation images
  • better behavior of IPTracker
  • login in servers only when files scanned & good user IP
  • better behavior of some dialog window
  • fixed text in suggest file window
  • fixed satellites windows that doesn't disappear when login out
  • preferences window: fixed modify button in Associations panel
  • Makefiles: ranlib used in place of ar -s

release 0.5.0

released on June, 16th 2003

Network layer:
  • it works if the user is behind a NAT
  • the server is not definitely lost when his IP adress is updated
  • the network interface doesn't need to be choosen manually
  • the internet connection can be cut and re-launched when HeavyMole runs
  • MS Windows package with all needed libraries
  • nearly all icons have been changed
  • fixed Gtk-Warning for font selection, left and right click in Explorer frame, and downloads
  • fixed the chat frames that couldn't be resized once there was some text inside
  • messages about server connection are not sent aggressively
  • new about menu
  • serveur data in HMDDATA file are written in a more logical way
  • the toolbar is smaller
  • some fixes in texts
  • better management of release data
  • a small program to read stats from servers
  • satellite window smaller
  • fixed the ConfirmDialog in TransferFrame
  • fixed some fields not saved in Preferences
  • fixed the deadlock on "trying to establish connection" in Explorer Frame
  • fixed the right click in "private room" when no rooms
  • fixed the view of user files when there is no user
  • win32 files association are taken from system
  • autosrcoll in chat rooms
  • other fixes

release 0.4.0

released on May 26th, 2003

  • MS Windows version
  • Porting from gtkmm-1.2 to gtkmm-2.2
  • lots of bug fixes

release 0.3.0

released on May 26th, 2003

HeavyMole Daemon:
  • added a program to manage all servers
  • added a daemon to stat all servers
  • possibility to modify chat rooms and transfer messages from servers to all users
  • New general private chat room window to manage all private rooms
  • Chat room frames can be be put inside the chat frame or inside another window
  • The background color of the chat rooms can be changed
  • new file panel to manage its own files, with the possibility to associate file extensions with applications, basic mp3 player,...
  • new implementation of the UDP network layer
  • new implementation of the module communicating with the servers
  • new preferences window with more options
  • possibility to move each frame in a separate window
  • GUID set to 64 bits
  • Appearance set to 24 bits instead of 16
  • Brand new LibHMD library architecture and implementation
  • New launch options: -u --users: list all users, -q --quicklogin: launch application with the specified user
  • language_checker program to check the difference between different language files
  • New version frame to check for new release
  • Button to switch colors in the appearance box
  • update main user in chat, hotlist and explorer frame when changes have been made to the preferences
  • config file can be edited manually
  • langue franšaise
  • tons of improvements, bug fixes,...

release 0.2.1

released on May 8th, 2001

  • compiles on gcc 2.96
  • new logout button
  • daemon binary now included in i386 binary tarball
  • fixed a bug when creating a room that could crash the application
  • fixed the bug that prevented the application from contacting a central server the first time it was launched with a new user
  • fixed some other bugs

release 0.2.0

released on April 29th, 2001

This is a whole new version. 90% of the code has been rewritten.

Main new features are:

  • file references of a user are duplicated on several other user's machine ==> give better search results
    + version system: each time your home path is rescanned, the delta with previous version is computed and sent to users who hosts references to our files
  • feedback on request handling capacity --> requests are sent to users with unused CPU (file-sharing + CPU-sharing)
  • fast keyword-based search engine allowing complex requests based on a combination of keywords and boolean operators and able to handle several thousands of requests/sec
  • you can filter answers you received
  • all operations are asynchronous and will thus never block the GUI
  • auto-detection of online users in hotlist
  • you can suggest a file to a user
  • all automatic behaviours are configurable
  • allows connections to several users being established simultaneously
  • graphical progress display
  • rate display
  • you chan choose how text you type in chatrooms will appear (and you can also choose appearance of chatrooms you create)
  • distributed server architecture: allows several servers that communicate with each other
  • debug window for testers
  • the four main panels of HeavyMole (Explorer, Search, Chat and Transfer Queues) can be placed at your convenience
  • GUI monitor now showing info on all relevant indicators + 2 modes: detailed (text) and graphical
  • new login window
  • all lists are sortable on all fields
  • complete right-click menus everywhere
  • TONS of GUI improvements
  • compilation should work on every UNIX/X11 platform
  • otpimized memory, speed and size of transmitted data
  • TONS of bug fixes

release 0.1.1

  • standard autoconf/automake release.
  • dedicated server replacing the FTP server: this should solve most connection problems and speed up the application. The ftplib library is not needed anymore
  • GUI monitor displaying stats about connections with neighbours
  • UDP semi-reliable implemented to reduce packet loss
  • should work between big and little endian hosts
  • you can modify user preferences during run
  • answers may include directories that you can immediately download
  • added some GUI features
  • memory optimizations + some bugs fixed
  • source code greatly cleaned

Problems you can still have:

  • there is currently only one central server, that might be down or slow. We will soon solve this problem by having several servers that communicate with each other
  • listing directories of other users will block the application till it's done (will be solved very soon)
  • there must still be some bugs left

release 0.1.0

  • there is no standard autmake/autoconf distribution yet and compiling has only been tested on a RedHat 6.2 system
  • this is still an unstable beta release: the application might crash at any moment (but it could also be fully usable)
  • HeavyMole access the FTP server at the beginning of the application and during access to chat rooms. The GUI is not yet updated during access, so the application may seem to be blocked.
  • The transport protocol used for chat is UDP and is thus not reliable. There is no guarantee that the messages will be delivered. - This page was last updated on November, 26th 2003