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Table of contents

You need to run a Unix/X11 or MS Windows platform.

If you are behind a NAT (ie several computers sharing the internet connection with only one IP address), you will need to configure your gateway.

A. MS Windows installation

Here is the package: HeavyMole-0.7.0-Libraries-Installer.exe

The previous file contains the needed GTK and Gtkmm libraries. If you have already installed these libraries, then you'd better use the file HeavyMole-0.7.0-Installer.exe. Look here to find all needed libraries.

B. UNIX installation

Look here if you want details about needed files and installation.

HeavyMole needs GTK+ 2.2 and Gtkmm 2.2 to be installed on your machine. If it's not the case, then you should download them from the following locations:

Then you can choose one of the following file: - This page was last updated on November, 26th 2003