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Theme management (skins)

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Table of contents

A. Theme management overview

In the preferences, in the GUI tab, you can select a graphical theme and/or a font to be used for HeavyMole with your user, allowing you to set the application appearance exactly how you like it.

B. Installing new themes

Tons of GTK 2 themes can be found on the web. Main places are and

To install them, you will need to download the file, extract it and move it to your GTK theme path. This path is printed at the start of HeavyMole (or look in the logfile.txt file). Under MS Windows, this path should be "C:\Program Files\Common Files\GTK\2.0\share\themes" if you installed the GTK+ and gtkmm libraries, or "C:\Program Files\HeavyMole0.7.0\share\themes" if you installed the HeavyMole-0.7.0-Installer.exe file.

Once you installed a new theme, you don't need to stop and re-launch HeavyMole, simply click on the "Refresh list" button next to the theme selection menu in the preferences.

Note that the use of some themes can slow down the graphical interface, so you have to try them on your system to see if they're not too heavy.

C. Installing theme engines

Lots of themes use some specific theme engines. You need to have the libraries of these engines installed on your system in order to use these themes.

If the libraries are not installed, you will get the following kind of error message when you try to switch HeavyMole to the desired theme:
Gtk-WARNING **: Unable to locate theme engine in module_path: "xfce",

MS Windows system: if you have installed the HeavyMole-0.7.0-Installer.exe installer, you should have already most of the engines installed. Else, you could try the gtk2-theme-engines-0.1.exe package.

UNIX system: you have to search for the desired package. Try for example a search on the debian search page: - This page was last updated on November, 26th 2003