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Table of contents

A. Description

HeavyMole is an ambitious file sharing and communication application (P2P) released under the GNU General Public License.
Main features are: advanced UDP based communication protocol, distributed handling of queries, advanced query language, filtering of answers, distributed chat,...

HeavyMole runs at present time on MS Windows, GNU/Linux and BSD systems.

A.1 Some of the main features

  • advanced UDP based communication protocol: we set up a new P2P protocol which mixes the flooding ideas of Gnutella and data centralization of servers. One feature is that there are NO limitations on the number of users unlike all other P2P applications.
  • some central servers are used mainly for chat rooms creation and connection or to find other online users. No other data on users actions are centralized nor can be traced: chat messages, queries, answers, etc... do never pass through the server. As a result, the system preserves a lot of user confidentiality, and HeavyMole servers can run on really tiny systems (take a look at the server hardware comparison).
  • advanced query language, filtering of answers, allows several simultaneous requests,...
  • you can chat on public rooms, have a private chat with other users, browse their files, suggest them files to download,...
  • download queue with full priority control and automated saving and resuming of unterminated downloads. It also allows to download files while preserving the complete directory structure.
  • nice, simple, intuitive, but powerful and complete graphical user interface.
  • strong code architecture.
  • HeavyMole is really portable and can run on lots of system (currently MS Windows, GNU/Linux and BSD systems, while Mac OSX and Solaris versions are planned).
  • ...

A.2 Future plans

  • stable versions for all X11 and MS Windows platforms
  • still more advanced search criterion features
  • still more advanced download queue
  • Bittorrent client and tracker
  • hashing of file and download from different sources (mix with the eDonkey protocol)
  • media player with advanced playlist
  • much more functionnalities
  • ...

B. Notes on current version (beta 0.7.0)

B.1 Presentation

You can look at the release history for mor details on changes since previous version.

What you need to run this version:
  • run a UNIX/X11 or MS Windows platform.
  • if you are behind a NAT (ie several computers sharing the internet connection with only one IP address), you will need to configure it.

This version has been tested successfully on Linuxes, FreeBSD 5.1 and MS Windows 98/2000/XP.

However, this version works pretty well on a local network, but it has never been tested with lots of users.

B.2 Known bugs and problems

  • HeavyMole doesn't work under UNIX if you are not the super-user
  • the drop to another program under win32 doesn't work at present time, as it is not yet implemented in the win32 port of GTK+. It also doesn't work from the Explorer frame.
  • fonts and colors for the appearance in the preferences are not set
  • in the Transfer frame, the nice progress bar associated with download states has been disabled under MS Windows because it generates problems.
  • directory links do not work under win32
  • under MS Windows, the command line options don't print anything
  • under MS Windows, sometimes a DOS terminal appears displaying errors. These are bugs, please report them
  • you can't reuse a user created with a previous version of HeavyMole
  • it is not stable if compiled with gcc 2.96 and earlier
  • the stack-smashing attacks protector used in OpenBSD crashes the hmd server

C. Participating

C.1 Bug reporting

What we mostly need is to test and debug the application behavior to track the last problems. So you can help the project by testing the application and sending us some feedback on eventual problems. Check the documentation here if you're interested in more details.

We also would like to know about the portability for Mac OS/X and Solaris (copy the src/common.solaris file to src/common).

If you find a bug and know how to reproduce it, you can send us details about it.
We invite you to use the Bug Tracker tool, the forum and other tools on the SourceForge project page
You can also contact us at at your convenience

C.2 Programmers

We would be happy if someone can help us. If you want to participate in the programming of HeavyMole, feel free to contact us at - This page was last updated on November, 26th 2003