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Compiling HeavyMole under win32

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You can compile HeavyMole by using MinGW that can be found at
You will also need to use the development environment packages of GTK+ and Gtkmm instead of the runtime's ones. You can found them at and

Then, to compile HeavyMole:
  • Download and uncompress heavymole-0.7.0.src.tar.gz. Cd into the created directory.
  • Launch win32.bat which will overwrite the src\common file with src\common.win32
  • Edit the src/common file and modify the lines with the variables MINGW_PATH, GTK_PATH and GTKMM_PATH to make them point to the right installation paths.
  • Launch makeall.bat or makealldebug.bat to compile HeavyMole.

All make command available under UNIX are also available here except that you have to use mingw32-make.exe instead of make (note that you can rename the exec), and that there is no foreach command under win32. So, functions like "make" and "make all" in base directory doesn't work, and that's why we have made the makeall.bat and makealldebug.bat batch files.
Does someone know a command equivalent to foreach under win32? - This page was last updated on November, 5th 2003